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Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) create a range of learning opportunities for both students and teachers. They offer a great facility for integrating media elements into teaching to support collaborative learning. However very often they remain underutilised to full potential due to a lack of training and practice.

Teachers have found Interactive Whiteboards relatively easy to use but becoming proficient and confident in their use takes commitment in terms of training techniques, especially via peer to peer training. In order to maximise the advantages of using IWBs, teachers require technical training and support, peer mentoring, educational resources and professional development opportunities – in other words, they benefit most from a solution-based approach to IWBs integration.

The Smart VET project aims to provide this by:

  • Identifying good practice in the delivery of training on IWBs and transfer it to the VET sector in Ireland
  • Providing VET teachers with competencies needed to design educational resources suitable to be used with IWBs and to integrate them in everyday teaching activities
  • Fostering the use of IWBs in the delivery of CPD programmes to VET teachers

The Smart VET project has created CPD materials to allow teachers to improve their IWB skills and integrate them into their teaching practice.

Click on the ‘Resources for Educators’ link to access these materials.

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